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GY-CM CPP Multi-Layer Blown Film Machine (Water-Cooling CPP Film Blower)

GY-CM CPP Multi-Layer Blown Film Machine

This GY-CM type CPP multi-layer blown film machine (water cooling CPP film blower) is made with refine care and by advanced technology at home and abroad. There are unique extrusion system bottom blower, self-overflow water-cooling, high plasticity and large length diameter ratio and fitted with the revolving slave absorber and reasonable and accurate mould. As a result, the finished products from this machine are of high transparency, good barrier property, and proper heat seal. Therefore, the machine is ideal for producing quality sheet film.

Main Technical Parameters of CPP multi-Layer blown Film machine (Water-Cooling CPP Film Blower)

Type 3-Layer JX-1400 3-Layer JX-1400
Diameter of the bolt(mm) Φ65X3 Φ55X3
Length diameter ratio of the bolt(L/D) 1:32 1:32
Output(kg/h) 125 80
Product thickness (mm) 0.02-0.08 0.02-0.08
Semi perimeter (mm) 1200 1000
Main motor power (kw) 15X3 11X3
Heating power(kw) 50 43
Winding mode Bi-taken central winding Bi-taken central winding
Length of clamp roller (mm) 1400 1200
External dimension (m) 7.4X4.5X7.2 7.4X4.5X6.5

Founded in 1998, Guangzhou Guoyan Machinery Making Co., Ltd. is a professional manufactory and supplier of CPP multi-layer blown film machine, and PP polypropylene rotary die head film blowing machine, three layer co-extrusion wide film blowing line, five-layer co-extrusion film blowing machine, etc. With great quality of our CPP multi-layer blown film machine, we established business relationship with customers from countries such as Japan, South Korea, Germany, Egypt, Vietnam, Russia, Britain, and Brazil and so on. The company carries out ISO9001 quality level all round, ensures that product quality stays in position of industry in the lead and by unceasingly, improving a productive technology and applying new technique.

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