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Gravure Plastic Printing Machine

1. GY-AY Gravure Plastic Printing Machine
GY-AY Gravure Printing Machine

1. This GY-AY gravure plastic printing machine is with one-to-eight color printing ability and combination structure.
2. Main transmission of the gravure plastic printing machine uses adjustable motor to control the speed.
3. The system of the winder and rewinder for this machine adopts double-torque motor, using magnetic brake for unwinding.
5. Ink of the machine can automatically circulate by using in pump.
6. Heat path is used in drying system delivery hot temperature and cooling wind of each unit.
7. Quality cast-iron structure is used for bottom frame.
8. Dry speed of the machine is 60m/min; oven temperature is automatic temperature Control, with functionality meters.
9. It is with squeegee pressure, highly parallel, the arbitrary horizontal speed to repeated displacement.
10. There is also manual pressure for unwinding and rewinding structure.
11. Using rubber boost transmission mode, the printing plate can adjust vertical 360°rbitrary, horizontal within is 30mm.

Main Technical Parameters

Type GY-AY 600B GY-AY 800B GY-AY 1100B
Width of Printing(mm) 600 800 1100
Printing speed(m/min) 60 60 60
Print cyl. dia(mm) Φ70-300 Φ70-300 Φ70-300
Wed Diameter(mm) Φ600 Φ600 Φ600
Print cyl\Cross Adjust ratio 30 30 30
Print cyl, longtudinal Adjust ratio 360 360 360
Registering Accuracy(mm) 0.2 0.2 0.2
Min. air Pressure(pa) 0.6 0.6 0.6
Total power(kw) 25 32 45
Weight(kg) 5000 5000 6000
Overall dimensions
8800×1600×2200 8800×1800×2200 8800×2100×2200
2. GY-AY Gravure Printing Machine
GY-AY Gravure Plastic Printing Machine

This machine is used for printing of plastic film. With the adoption of frequency timing motor, the machine is easy to operate the hole machine, the width of print is bigger than others, and precision is higher.

Main Technical Parameters

Printing width(mm) 10-700
Max.Printing Length(mm) 800
Max.Printing speed(m/min) 60
Blower Power(kw) 0.75×2
Steam Power(kw) 2.2+0.75
3. GY-AY Computer Automatic Chromatically Gravure Printing Machine
GY-AY Computer Automatic Chromatically Gravure Printing Machine

This GY-AY computer automatic chromatically gravure printing machine is used for OPP, CPP, PE, PVC and other soft film, or roll material such as paper, aluminum foil etc.
1. This machine is with computer automatic chromatically system and it's very precise.
2. This computer automatic chromatically gravure printing machine utilize the system of photoelectric automatic deviation correction, automatic offset.
3. Adopt the magnetism powder arrester, magnetism powder clutch, torque motor and constant tension control.
4. Winding and unwinding axletree of the machine adopt air-blowing axletree, assemble and unassembled operation is easy to facility.

Main Technical Parameters

Type 600E 800E 1050E 1300E
Printing width(mm) 600 800 1050 1300
Printing color number 1-10colors
Machine speed(m/min) 20-200
Max.Printing speed(m/min) 80
Chromatography Precision(mm) ±0.1
Diameter of Plate(mm) Φ100-Φ300
Dry method Heat-cold Dry, electric heat.
Power(six-color)(kw) 48 70 90 120
Weight(T) ≈15 ≈18 ≈20 ≈20
Overall dimensions(L×W×H)(m) 14×1.8×2.4 14×2.1×2.4 14×2.4×2.4 15×2.7×2.8

Founded in 1998, we are professional manufactory and supplier of gravure plastic printing machine, and flexible letter press, film blowing machine, bag making machine, etc. With great quality of gravure plastic printing machine, we established business relationship with customers from countries such as Japan, South Korea, Germany, Egypt, Vietnam, Russia, Britain, and Brazil and so on.

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