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GYFD500-1 Paper Sack Tube Making Machine (Kraft Paper Tube Making Machine)

GYFD500-1 Paper Sack Tube Making Machine

This paper sack tube making machine GYFD500-1 type is a kind of kraft paper tube making machine with the feature of completing whole process of automatically paper-taking, side-gluing, tube-forming, cutting, outputting, and counting and so on. It is suitable for the production of bags to packing products such as cereal, starch, sugar, chemical fertilizer, mineral and so on. This equipment uses frequency control, makes bag from the raw material of kraft paper 70g-80g/m2.


Bag Length 800-1000 mm
Raw material 70-80 g/m2(Kraft paper)
Output 20-40 pcs/min
Total paper 2-4 Layer
Bag width 400-600 mm
Raw material width 820-1230 mm
Total power 15 kw
Total weight 7000 kg

Founded in 1998, Guangzhou Guoyan Machinery Making Co., Ltd. is a professional manufactory and supplier of paper sack tube making machine, and full automatic non-woven fabrics bag-making machine, paper cutting machine, bottom gluing machine, etc. with great quality of our paper sack tube making machine, we established business relationship with customers from countries such as Japan, South Korea, Germany, Egypt, Vietnam, Russia, Britain, and Brazil and so on. The company carries out ISO9001 quality level all round, ensures that product quality stays in position of industry in the lead and by unceasingly, improving a productive technology and applying new technique.

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