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GY6D-600 Computer Compound Sack-Making Machine (Sack Production Line)

GY6D-600 Computer Compound Sack-Making Machine

This GY6D-600 computer compound sack-making machine (sack production line) can complete the whole process for paper shaping, gluing, compounding, printing, hole-pricking, folding & cutting. It is suitable for the heavy duty package. It can also replace the plastic woven making machine and multi-wall paper sack making machine.

Structure and Features:
1. Using color touching screen (PT), PLC, convert and spun coder, leads the machine processing rapid, accuracy, stable and reliable.
2. This computer making machine uses frequency conversion combined adjusting speed, which in turns makes the fine, weft density accuracy and stable performance.
3.Our computer compound sack making machinery (sack production line) adopts Pneumatic pressure, which can make roller operation Easy to handle, with even pressure, high compound quality.
4. With the adoption of color code distinguishing photoelectric control, this machine can finish synchronized cutting and printing at optional length.
5. This adoption of up feeding paper sharp Leads to no paper break.
6. With the adoption of positive and negative single panel arranging weft technology, the weft arranging yarn can be accuracy and even.

Main Technical Parameters

Type GY6D-600
Raw material Vinylon soluble yarn(or polyester fiber yarn), National Standard Sack Paper:80g/m2   Binder:17-99PVA
Specifications(Unit: mm) Length Width: Folding width:
Optional length 420-600(Standard: 480-550) 78/0
Printing: Double Color(Standard: 790 mm)
Speed: (Max)20 m/min Operator: 3workers/shift
Power: 10KW Weight: 7000kg
Dimensions:(M) 16.65×2.9×2.2(L×W×H)

Note: A set of standard width and length of sack making and printing supplied with equipment, also customized.

Founded in 1998, we are professional manufactory and supplier of computer compound sack-making machine and we also provide paper sack tube making machine, full automatic non-woven fabrics bag-making machine, paper cutting machine, etc. With great quality of our computer compound sack-making machine, we established business relationship with customers from countries such as Japan, China, South Korea, Uganda, Germany, Egypt, Vietnam, South Africa, United States, Russia, Britain, and Brazil and so on.

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