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ZHJ-1300E Paper Slitting Machine

ZHJ-1300E Paper Slitting Machine

This ZHJ-1300e type paper slitting machine is newly designed machinery used for cross-cutting and vertical-cutting of all kind of paper. It is suitable for gloss photo paper, A4 copy paper, digital photo paper, ordinary paper, coated paper, board paper, gold or silver cardboard, holographic paper, cigarettes & wines Packing and printing material etc.

1. This machine integrates Photoelectric, liquid and Gas as a whole.
2. It can trace feeding institution with the products. It can be photoelectric, correction, tracing modifying system and uses PLc control touching screen.
3. Drive system use pneumatic system, photoelectric sensor to control, and folding materials system use oil pressure to improve equipment.
4. There is servo motor (or steeples motor) to control the fixed-length cutting, feeding.
5. It is easy operation, high-precision cutting, state operation and low noise.

Technical Parameters:

Gloss Photo paper max.width 1300mm
Roll diameter 1200mm
Source of air pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Power 13Kw
Slitting speed 60/min
Operators 4
Coil hoist hydraulic device 0.55kw
Correction system (EPC-320/49) 0.3kw
Main Engineer Power 2.2kw
Feeding device 0.75
Material Transportation 3.5kw
Dual servo synchronization 2×0.75kw
Conveyor 0.75kw

Founded in 1998, we are professional manufactory and supplier of paper slitting machine, and we can also provide paper rope making machine, paper-plastic woven bag making machine, handbag bottom-gluing machine, etc. With great quality of paper slitting machine, we established business relationship with customers from countries such as Japan, South Korea, Germany, Egypt, Vietnam, Russia, Britain, and Brazil and so on.

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