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GY-ZD Three-Side Sealing Bag-Making Machine (Pouch making machinery)

GY-ZD Three Side Sealing Bag Making Machine

This GY-ZD three-side sealing bag-making machine (pouch making machinery) is suitable for producing bags from various Plastic- plastic, paper-plastic, paper-paper laminated materials. It mainly uses for producing middle sealing and three-side sealing bags with the characteristics as reasonable structure, easy operation and high automation.

1. The whole machine is controlled by central pLc control system with man-machine interface device. There is also Chinese and English interface that language Can be shifted easily.
2. There are Constant auto-tension control for unwinding, LPC edge alignment, AC inverter constant speed auto material feeding.
3. Adopt imported double servo-motor material dragging control system.
4. There is also main motor for up-down sealing and pressing equipped with inverter.
5. There is PID for sealing bar temperature adjustment, no touch auto control, centralized setting in man-machine interface.
6. The machine is equipped with pneumatic multi-function auto punching device, trim cutting and auto rewinding and static eliminator.
7. Temperature adjustment range is that 0~300℃.
8.for the Counter: quantity, batch accumulation, pre-set available.
9.Operation method: by length fixation control and/or by photocell tracking control.
10.Punching device: working rhythm can pre-set as continuous, interval or stop, punching
time Can be pre-set.
11. material Skip Feeding: one to six times available.
12. Batch Conveying function available, the quantity of batch can be preset.

Main Technical Parameters

Type 300 400
Max. Diameter of Roll material(mm) ф600 Ф800
Max.width of Roll material(mm) 600 800
Pouch-making width(mm) 50-280 50-400
Pouch-making Length(mm) 50-280 50-400
Max. Capacity(p/min) 40-100 40-100
Total power(kw) 11.5 11.5
Weight of machine(kg) 2300 3000
Overall dimension(L×W×H) 7500×1450×1800 7500×1500×1800

Founded in 1998, we are professional manufactory and supplier of pouch making machinery, woven bag making machine, heat-sealing and heat cutting bag making machine, path bag handle bag making machine, etc. With great quality of three-side sealing bag-making machine, we established business relationship with customers from countries such as Japan, South Korea, Germany, Egypt, Vietnam, Russia, Britain, and Brazil and so on.

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