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Woven Bag Circle Loom

1. GY-YZJ Woven Bag Circle Loom with Eight-shuttle or Ten-shuttle
GY-YZJ Woven Bag Circle Loom with Eight-shuttle or Ten-shuttle

This GY-YZJ woven bag circle loom with eight-shuttle or ten-shuttle is a newlY-developed high-speed circular loom, with the following feature:
1 The main body of this machine adopts frequencY-conversion stepless speed regulation.
2.for the door-ring of this machine, we adopt the rolling column to contact the shuttle board, which reduces much resistance and abrasion, which in turn makes it run smoothly and steadily.
3. There is fullY-closed oil tank adopted inside for forced lubrication, which achieves less abrasion and lower noise.
4. This woven bag circle loom is configured with warp/weft breaking detecting system, warp/weft Ending monitoring system, divisionallY-displayed alarmed as well as automatic meter-counter.
5. As required, electronic intelligent fabric-lifting unit can be Configured as well, which is featured with the Compensation setting to the warp/weft density casually.

Main Parameters of GY-YZJ Woven Bag Circle Loom:

type GY-YZJ-8/2100 GY-YZJ-10/2200
Number of shuttle 8 10
LaY-flat width(40warps/100mm) 1400-2100 1400-2200
Max.warps(pcs) 2400 2400
Rotational speed(r/min) 40-70 40-70
Total power(kw) 15 15
Capactity(40wefts/100mm)(m/h) 50-80 50-85
Installing dimensions(L×W×H) (mm) 15500×3800×4650 15500×3800×4650
Weight(kg) 8000 8500
2. GY-YZJ Circle Looms with Six-shuttle
GY-YZJ Circle Looms with Six-shuttle

Main parameters:

Type GY-YZJ 6/800G
Number of shuttle 6
LaY-flat wiedth(40warps/100mm) 350-800
Max.warp(pcs) 720
Rotational speed of main body(r/min) 110-160
Power of main motor(kw) 4
Gross Power of motor(kw) 4.5
Capacity(m/h)(40wefts/100mm) 80-130
Weight(kg) 3000
Installing dimensions(L×W×H)(mm) 9000×2300×2600
3. Round-Loom Weaving Machine with Four-shuttle
Round-Loom Weaving Machine with Four-shuttle

This round-loom weaving machine with four-shuttle is new-type high speed woven bag circle loom with the feature as follows:
1. It is using the tapes made by recycling materials.
2. This machine is running and stopping are smooth and the noise is low.
3. It is reasonable structure, advanced design, long use-life-span.
4. Additional, it is easy operating and maintenance, high efficiency.

Main Technical Parameters:

Type GY-YZJ 4/750 GY-YZJ 4/1100 GY-YZJ 6/1400 GY-YZJ 6/13000 GY-YZJ 8/2100
Number of shuttle 4 4 6 6 8
LaY-flat-Width 350-750 350-1100 700-1400 700-1300 1400-2100
Warp max. (pcs) 768 896 1280 1280 2400
Rotation speed(r/min) 120-180 100-150 80-110 70-110 30-70
Gross Power of motor(kw) 4.5 4.5 4.5 6 10/15
Capacity(m/h) 65-100 50-80 45-60 50-80 30-80
Weight(kg) 2100 2200 2800 3000 5500
Installing dimensions(L×W×H)(mm) 8300
4. GY-WYJ High-speed Circular Loom for Mesh Bag
GY-WYJ High-speed Circular Loom for Mesh Bag

This GY-WYJ type high-speed circular loom for mesh bag is a kind of circular loom that can use plastic monofilament and tape as warp to weave mesh bags and produce package bags for vegetables and fruits by cutting and sewing.

Main parameters of Circular Loom for mesh Bag

Type GY-WYJ-4/750G
Number of shuttle 4
LaY-flat width(10-24 warps/100mm) 300-750
Max.warp(pcs) 512
Rotational speed of main body(r/min) 50-115
Gross Power of motor (kw) 2.7
Weight(kg) 1900
Capacity(m/h)(10-24 weft/100mm) 60-180
Installing dimensions(L×W×H)(mm) 7500×2400×2730

Founded in 1998, we are professional manufactory and supplier of woven bag circle loom, and bag making machine, woven fabric cutting machine, film laminating machine, etc. With great quality of woven bag circle loom, we established business relationship with customers from countries such as Japan, South Korea, Germany, Egypt, Vietnam, Russia, Britain, and Brazil and so on.

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