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Woven Bag Printing Machine

1. GY-YS Woven Bag Printing Machine (Desktop)
GY-YS Woven Bag Printing Machine (Desktop)

This YS type woven bag printing machine (desktop) can also be Called as desktop printer for woven bag. It is used for label printing or characters Printing on plastic braided bag with double-colored print once, and automatically counting ability. This machine can refine tune Color automatically and adopts the light-electricity to control and print automatically.

Main Technical Parameters

Type GY-YS-1 GY-YS-2
Input Entrance(mm) ≤800 ≤800
Printing width(mm) ≤650 ≤650
Printing Length(mm) ≤1200 ≤1200
Thickness of plastic printing plate(mm) 4-6 4-6
Diameter of printing roller(mm) 426 426
Printing capacity(pcs/h) 1000-2200 1000-2200
Printing colors 2 3
Engine power(kw) 1.1 1.5
Installing dimensions(L×W×H)(mm) 2600×1310×1300 3400×1310×1300
Weight(kg) 800 1100
2.SYB-800 Transfer Printing Machine for Woven Bag
SYB-800 Transfer Printing machine for woven Bag

This SYB-800 transfer printing machine is a kind of continuous Printer for woven bag with printing ability of five in front and four in back at one time.

Functions of equipment:
1. This machine can be auto feeding, double work-position unwinding;
2. It is also with auto rectifying, corona treatment.
3. The transfer printing machine can one time print with five in front and four in back, overprint nicety.
4.for this machine, there is servo controlling the length of bag, the Changing of bag Length in not necessary to change roller and Gear.
5. This transfer printing machine is PLc centralized controlled, for color operation, monitor, set data, display, and record.
6. It is frequency control.
7. The transfer printing machine is auto cycle inking up, auto ink mixture while stop.
8. There is auto constant temperature that controls double-face drying.
9. It is with friction winder.
10. In the mean while, the machine is also rotary heat cutting, auto bag folding, counting, and transportation (choosing).

Main Technical Parameters of Transfer Printing machine for woven Bag

Type GY-ZYS-800
Max.feeding width (mm) 800
Max.Printing area (mm) 700×1000
Diameter of unwind cloth (mm) ≤Ø1200
Printing speed (m/min) 70-80
Speed of cutting bag (m/min) 50-60
3.Flexography Printing Machine for PP Woven Bag
Flexography Printing machine for PP woven Bag

This type of flexography printing machine for PP woven bag is mainly used for PP/PE woven cloth tube, PP/PE film tube, cellophane and web, as well as Printing PP/PE woven cloth, non-woven cloth, shopping bags, vest bags, garment bags. It is adopting soft sensitive resin as its Printing plate, and also can be used as aniline printing machine.

1. It is easy operation, flexible start, and accurate register.
2. It is with the special function that, the meter-counter can preset printing quantity so that the machine stops automatically when the preset number is reached or the material is run out.
3. The lift and lower the printing can roller manually or automatically, moreover, the printing ink can automatically stir after being Lifted so as to avoid being dried and frozen.
4. There is cobweb cylinder for the printing ink transmitting, which in turns assures even ink color.
5. The flexography printing machine for PP woven bag is with the merit of reliable drying system, high-speed running, and automatic turnoff once the machine stops.
6. This flexography printing machine is 360°continuous and adjustable longitudinal register plate.
7. There is inverter motor for speed regulation adapting to different printing speed.
8. Buttons for "Jog" and "Stop" on roller base and rewinding stand are Convenient to operate the flexography printing machine while installing the plates.

Technical Parameters of Flexography Printing Machine for PP Woven Bag

Type GY-RY-2800 GY-RY-4800 GY-RY-6800
Max. diameter of unwinding roll(mm) 1200 1200 1200
Max.width of printing roll(mm) 800 800 800
Max.Printing width(mm) 700 700 700
Printing Length(mm) 230-1200 230-1200 230-1200
Max.Printing 2 4 6
Printing speed(m/min) 5-50 5-50 5-50
Gross Power(kw) 1O 12 15
Weight(kg) 1800 3000 4000
Installing dimensions(L×W×H)(mm) 4000×1800
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