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GYWFD-800W Paper Yarn Compounded bag making machine

GYWFD-800W Paper Yarn Compounded Bag Making Machine

This GYWFD-800W paper yarn compounded bag making machine is a kind of paper bag processing machinery that is based on the technologies both domestic and abroad. It is advanced equipment with the feathers of simplicity, excellence, energy-saving, quick learning, low noise , compactness and low cost descript as follows.
1.Simplicity: From the paper feeding, yarn, gluing, to the following process of bag forming, compounding, edge folding, printing, hole making, bag cutting, and counting, this machine can process al those process in automation. In addition, with advanced technology of one-time forming, this machine has in a degree simplified the common machine in the process including wire drawing machine, circular loom, plastic injection machine, film-coating machine, printing machine.
2. Excellence: With the bag making speed between 15-25 bags/min, it is with multifunction both for bag making and sewing bottom bag in fine quality. It is binary color printing, smooth running, entire quality index reached GB9774-1996 standard. The paper yarn compounded bag making machine is also environment friendly, with waste bags recollected.
3. Compactness: with dimension 17000×2900×2200 mm
4. Quick Learning: within fifteen working days to installing and learning of operating skill.
5. EnergY-Saving: Three operators with less Power-consumption in 1000 bags costing 9 kilowatts Power.
6. Low Noise & Low Cost: This paper yarn compounded bag making machine works with low noise, and low labor intensity, and no harm to working surrounding by cleaning production with low cost.
In all, it is an ideal choice for bag-making and bag-using companies, such as cement manufacturer, for its merit of less investing and quick cost collecting. The bags for packing all kinds of powder and Granule materials such as cereal, starch, sugar, feed, chemical fertilizer, mineral products etc, can be produced by this machine.

Technological process
Warp in 416 spindles → gluing on threading → inter papers feeding and loop forming → warp-distributing → weft-netting → exterior papers feeding and binary color-printing → compounding both interior and exterior papers and the yam to loop-forming → compression roll-drawing and compounding → holes making → edge-folding → bags-cutting and counting → finished products.

Typical application: Cement Bag Produced by This Machine
The nylon-water soluble yam compound bag produced by this machine for cement packaging is integrated by paper, yam, and film. Those bags made from this machine are with the characteristics of moisture proof, high temperature resistance, anti-aging, high strength, good permeability, and low cost. In the meanwhile, those products can be recollected totally without environment polluting to meet international EP standard.
The new nylon-water soluble yam compound cement-packing bags produced by this machine, had be sampling tested and inspected by the relative state quality supervision and inspection institute, they are accorded with the relative state GB9774-1996 standard. In all of its quality index, and now is being turned out in batch.

Major technical data

Raw material Vinylon soluble yarn(or polyester fiber yarn), National Standard Sack Paper:80g/ m2, Blinder:17-99PVA
Bag specifications:
Folding width
Arbitrary length
420-600 mm
0-78 mm
Speed of Bag-making maximum speed 20M/min
Printing Double Colors(Standard printing Length 790mm)
Total power 10 kw
Weight 7000kg
Dimension 17000×2900×2200 mm

After-sales Service:
1. Machine-transporting on commission basis.
2. We can Install and adjust the machine for free domestically.
3. Offer operating technologY-training.

Founded in 1998, we are professional manufactory and supplier of paper yarn compounded bag making machine, and we can also provide paper tube sticking printing machine, automatic non-woven handle loop fixing machine, paper slitting machine, etc. With great quality of paper yarn compounded bag making machine, we established business relationship with customers from countries such as Japan, South Korea, Germany, Egypt, Vietnam, Russia, Britain, and Brazil and so on.

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