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GY-1200 Non-Woven Fabrics Bag Making Machine

GY-1200 Non-Woven Fabrics Bag Making Machine

This GY-1200 non-woven fabrics bag making machine is full automatic, combined with automatic control system and ultrasonic bonding technology. We developed new production process for the producing of fabric non-woven bags, which in turns makes this machine as the latest generation of advanced non-woven bag making machine, and Gone great reputation for our customers both at home and abroad. This machine can process a variety of different specifications, different shapes of non-woven bags, such as gift bags, handbags, pockets bag, stereo bag , square bottom bag, vest bag, lacing shoe bag, to name a few. It is equipment of multi-usage with the feature of high speed, stable quality, can be used as pockets bag making machine, square bottom bag maker, lacing shoe bag making machinery.

1. This machine can make pockets bags with the speed of 80 pcs/min, while square bottom bag of 70 pcs/min, and lacing shoe bag of 100 pcs/min.
2. The machine adopts 4 ultrasonic for the sewing head, and the whole machine adopts 8 ultrasonic of high power.
3. During the processing, bags with different lengths can choose to close or open a few of ultrasound, which is conducive to the maintenance and energy-saving of ultrasonic power.
4. The ultrasonic welding part of this non-woven fabrics bag making machine is of small noise, no harm to the operator.
5. The installation length of this machine is about 9 meters.
6. It is easy for installation, just simply connect the machine and then finished bags come out after 1-2 hours; it is fast time, less waste and high efficiency.
7. The machine just needs one person to operate, labor saving. The material wearing is simple, direct, and easy to master.
8. The volume change of this machine is automatically. Different bags making and (the machine can produce 5-7 different styles of bags) function switching are also very easy, less waste and high efficiency.

Main parameters

Type GY-1200
Max width of feeding material (mm) 1200 Max bag width(mm) 600
Max bag Length (mm) 700 Bag thickness(g) 20-90
Total power (kw) 11 Weight(T) 3
Overall dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 11000×1700×2000
Max production speed (pcs/min) 40-100 (depends on bag specification and shape)
Raw material Non-woven fabrics

Founded in 1998, we are professional manufactory and supplier of non-woven fabrics bag making machine, we also provide paper cutting machine, bottom gluing machine, paper bag handles making machine, etc. With great quality of non-woven fabrics bag making machine, we established business relationship with customers from countries such as Japan, South Korea, Germany, Egypt, Vietnam, Russia, Britain, and Brazil and so on.

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