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  • Plastic Granulating Machine1. GY-ZS ABS Plastic Recycling Granulator
    It is for the granule remaking of old ABS Plastic or the mixed-color-remaking of engineering plastic.
    2. GY-ZS EPS Recycled Granulator
    It is for processing old and useless snack box, electric equipment packing EPS foam ...
  • Film Blowing MachineAs a professional manufacture of film blowing machine in China, we offer all kind of blowing machines for HDPE, LDPE , PE, PVC,PP. We list some of them as follows:
    (1) GY-CM HDPE, LDPE FILM Blowing Machine Unit
    (2) GY-CM PE Heat Shrink Film Blowing Machine ...
  • Plastic Printing Machine

    Founded in 1998, Guangzhou Guoyan Machinery Making Co., Ltd. is a professional manufactory and supplier of plastic printing machine, and gravure plastic printing machine, flexible letter press, etc. With great quality of our plastic printing machine, we established business relationship with customers from countries ...

  • GY-ZD-D Sheeting Bag Making Machine

    This plastic bag making machine is suitable for manufacturing the LDPE or HDPE convenient bags which can be used in the bazaar or supermarket. It also can be used for producing flat pockets such as packing for clothing or shoes.
    In addition, our sheeting bag making machine can be applied to the production ...

  • Full Automatic Non-Woven Fabrics Bag-Making MachineThis GY-1200 non-woven fabrics bag making machine is full automatic, combined with automatic control system and ultrasonic bonding technology. We developed new production process for the producing of fabric non-woven bags, which in turns makes this machine as the latest generation of advanced non-woven bag making machine, and Gone great reputation for our customers ...
  • Automatic Non-woven Handle Loop Fixing MachineThis non-woven handle loop fixing machine type GY-600/800 is automatic equipment. This machine is newly developed handbag maker by absorbing much feedback of our customers. It is special designed structure, using step motor for feeding process. In the meanwhile, the machine adopts interactive interface for control, which in turn makes it Easier and more intuitive for operation...

Bag Making Machine (Bag Production Line)

Any sorts of bags that are used in many ways can Easily be made with these bag making machines that made in our company. Depending on the type of bag required, different types of machines are Can be used.
There are various types of bag making machinery available here that can make bags out of plastic in a significant way. We've best performing bag making machines that are perfectly suited to meet your various needs. Bags such as side seal bag, bottom seal bag, t-shirt bag, soft loop handle bag, patch handle bag, and zip Lock bags are all available. You can choose the one depending on what sorts of bags you need.

Here we introduce some of our machine as following:
1 Plastic Granulating Machine
(1) GY-ZS-ABS Plastic Recycling Granulator
(2) GY-ZS-EPS Recycled Granulator Unit
(3) GY-ZS-PVC Plastic Recycling Granulator
(4) PP/PE Plastic Recycling Granulator
(5) Plastic Smashing Machine
2 Film Blowing Machine
(1) GY-CM-PE heat shrinks film blowing machine
(2) GY-CM-PVC Hot Shrink Film Blowing Machine Set
(3) GY-CY Film Blowing Printing Connect-line Set
(4) Monolayer Agricultural Film Blowing Machine (wide film)
(5) GY-CM-CPP multi-Layer blown Film machine for CPP
(6) GY-CM-PP Polypropylene rotary Die head Film Blowing Machine set
(7) Three Layer Co-extrusion Wide Film Blowing Line
(8) Five-layer Co-extrusion Film Blowing Machine Unit
3 Plastic Printing Machine
(1). GY-AY Gravure Plastic Printing Machine
(2). GY-TY Flexible Letter Press
If you need more information, please refer to the related pages.

Founded in 1998, we are professional manufactory and supplier of bag making machine, and plastic granulating machine, plastic recycling granulator, recycled granulator unit, etc. With great quality of bag making machine, we established business relationship with customers from countries such as Japan, South Korea, Germany, Egypt, Vietnam, Russia, Britain, and Brazil and so on.